Summer and Autumn



Well marked biking trails to explore at Iso Syöte in every season.


Hiking in the beautiful, pristine wildernesses and Syöte National Park


The water of the lake is a mirror projecting the sky and the scenery around it. A perfect and peaceful place to paddle around.

River Tubing

Exciting experience , paddling on a rivertube down the stream of the Pärjänjoki river.


Trying to get lucky with river-shore fishing.

Visit a husky farm

Although, in summertime, huskies mostly have a “holiday” you still can come and see the huskies at the huskyfarm.

Weekly Safari Program

Join us for some special outdoor experiences and pleasures and make your choice from these exciting safaris. Unforgetable experiences in a splendid, breathtaking landscape at Iso-Syöte.

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