Cottages and safari services.

Reception and sales 9-17.00

Reception with sales and safari office is at the moment in cottage T1A (nearest cottage next to the hotel)

Meeting point for all safaris is in front of the reception.

Reception: +358 201 476400
Sales and safaris: Gerralda Gilles +358 4056 90732
Cottage maintenance emergency 24h: +358 4408 23400

Restaurant services are provided by Restaurant Romekievari in co-operation with our staff.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte was damaged by fire on Dec 21st 2018.

Course of events on the day of the fire and the present situation:

On December 21st at 00:50 our employee was working at the far end of the hotel restaurant when she realised it smelled of smoke. She went down the staircase by the slopes to check where the smell might be coming from. When returning back up, she saw some ambers flying under the roof outside.


She immediately called the emergency number and around the same time the automatic alarm went off alarming the hotel owner and the fire brigade. Evacuation was started straight away from the suite underneath the restaurant by our employee. She was soon accompanied by two people who were maintaining the slopes and had also realised what was happening. Also one of our own employee was called to help and all our guests were evacuated well in time.


The hotel restaurant, kitchen, lobby, reception and offices, meeting rooms, souvenir shop, Arctic Spa saunas and pools, treatment rooms, gym and the Bear Cave suite were completely destroyed in a fire on December 21st 2018. Also rooms and suites were damaged by either fire, smoke or water. The Eagle View suite was not damaged by fire or smoke but is out of use.


All our cottages are in normal condition and in operation, as well as all of our safari services.

Rooms and suites are being renovated and will be ready for December 2019. The building work of the new hotel restaurant and reception will start in May 2019. In December, restaurant services will be provided either in Romekievari ski restaurant or the new hotel restaurant, if finished by then.