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Weather and clothing

Finland goes through four seasons each year. When temperatures easily vary from -30C to +30C during the year, you have to be prepared for each season with certain clothing. The prices of clothes are relatively high in Finland, so it is recommended to pack with you suitable clothing.

If you have booked safaris from us, you will receive warm clothing from us when your first safari starts. You can keep the clothing throughout your stay.

Underneath you should wear your own thermal layers. The colder the weather, the more layers you’ll need. Too much is considered a better option than too little, especially on less active safaris like husky and reindeer rides or snowmobile safaris.

For those safaris that include campfire coffees or lunches, we recommend to wear our overall, to keep your own clothes safe from the sparks and ashes.

For more active snowshoeing trips it’s more comfortable to wear your own ski clothing.

We will provide you:

  • overall
  • boots
  • gloves
  • woollen socks
  • helmets for snowmobile safaris (please return the helmet after each safari)

Unique Accommodation

Accommodation with wonderful experiences on the southernmost fell in Finland.

Safaris in the fellscape

Come and experience the wonders of Syöte’s unique fellscape; we’ll take care of the arrangements.

Easy to reach

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern border of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports.

We’ll gladly arrange your airport transfer to get to Iso-Syöte – please contact for more information!
Check here how to get to Iso-Syöte