Katariina ja Juha Kuukasjärvi Tunturihotelli Iso-Syöte

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Sales Service

We are just one phone call or email away. Tell us your travelplans,  holidaywishes and needs and we can create this unforgetable holiday for you and your clients.

Gerralda Gilles-Hoiting
Sales and marketing manager
Tel + 358 40 5690 732

Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris

Isosyötteentie 246
FI-93280 Syöte
+358 201 476 400

Maintenance emergency (24h)

+358 201 476 400

+358 440 823400

 Fax +358 207 818 135
International sales
Accommodation, safaris, transfers, meals
Gerralda Gilles
+358 40 5690732
Hotel manager, owner
Juha Kuukasjärvi
+358 40 5123 747
Restaurant manager
Sanna Järvenpää
+358 40 546 7192
Arto Posio
+358 44 7945 472
Front Desk Manager
Social media & domestic sales
Katariina Kuukasjärvi

Unique Accommodation

Accommodation with wonderful experiences on the southernmost fell in Finland.

Safaris in the fellscape

Come and experience the wonders of Syöte’s unique fellscape; we’ll take care of the arrangements.

Easy to reach

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern border of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports.

We’ll gladly arrange your airport transfer to get to Iso-Syöte – please contact gerralda@isosyote.fi for more information!
Check here how to get to Iso-Syöte