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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located at the top of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful nature. We also want to cherish this landscape, so we pay special attention to the environment and energy issues in our operations.

Hotel Iso-Syöte holds the Green Key certificate and Green DQS certificate, which indicates that we are committed to doing more for the environment than required by law or regulations. Certified companies focus on issues such as energy consumption, the use of water, recycling and the eco-friendliness of their services.

With the new hotel we wanted to further improve our eco-credentials by investing in environmentally friendly technologies. The hotel uses the latest energy-efficient air conditioning technology, and the kitchen appliances used also meet today’s energy requirements. In addition, we have our own heating plant, which uses renewable energy. Wood chips are used to heat the entire hotel, including the suites’ outdoor hot tubs. Heat is generated by means of a closed water circulation system, which is controlled by an automated and energy-efficient system.

Environmental responsibility is reflected in the everyday running of Hotel Iso-Syöte in many ways; for example, we actively monitor electricity and water consumption, and we have taken measures to reduce the consumption thereof. Hotel Iso-Syöte uses powerful yet eco-friendly LEDs that are automatically controlled, which means that lights are only on when they are really needed. Hotel Iso-Syöte has also invested in solar power and electric cars.

Hotel Iso-Syöte uses locally sourced pure spring water. In order to avoid the unnecessary use of water, the taps in our hotel are fitted with water-saving solutions, and we encourage our guests to pay attention to how often they want their towels changed.

In addition to technical measures, we have also paid special attention to small but significant everyday operations. We want to invest in recycling so that glass, cardboard, paper and other materials are correctly sorted at the new hotel. For the time being, plastic waste is not collected in our region.

All snowmobiles are new and feature modern four-stroke technology, which means lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Through these actions, we want to support sustainable development and a healthy environment in the years to come, whilst offering a fantastic holiday destination to those who appreciate ecological travel options.

Restaurant Hilltop

The restaurant strives to reduce food waste through various means. At the restaurant’s breakfast, the weighing of leftover food waste from customers is conducted daily. The daily waste amount per person is announced the following morning upon arriving for breakfast. Customers are also thanked for their cooperation in promoting waste reduction.

A sign at the buffet breakfast reminds customers to take only what they can eat at a time. The same reminder is in place for the dinner buffet as well. Attention is paid to the size of dishes during the presentation of both breakfast and dinner items, with a focus on minimizing residual waste generated from buffet dining.

Leftover food items from the buffet are efficiently repurposed through proper cooling and storage methods. In designing the à la carte menu, efforts are made to select ingredients that generate minimal surplus during processing. For example, meats are chosen in a way that minimizes the amount of inedible parts left over after cutting.

In food preparation, the entire ingredient is effectively utilized, and food items are selected to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. The restaurant uses moderately fresh vegetables, incorporating pickling to extend their shelf life and allow for longer usage, thereby reducing waste. Burger patties, used in the restaurant, are vacuum-sealed in bags containing a few portions and frozen to extend their shelf life. Freezing is commonly employed in the kitchen to enhance the longevity of food items.

The restaurant has also shifted to using and increasingly preparing a variety of dried fruits as garnishes for drinks. This significantly extends the shelf life of fruits, reducing waste due to spoilage.

Efforts are made to store each food item at an appropriate temperature to maximize their shelf life. Upon the arrival of new food deliveries, the condition of the items is checked, and the newest products are placed behind the older ones to ensure proper rotation. Staff schedules are designed so that a member of the kitchen staff is always available to receive incoming food deliveries.

Efficient circulation and waste reduction are further pursued through the proper organization of refrigerators and storage areas. This aids in easier and more efficient ordering, aiming to prevent the unnecessary purchase of products, ultimately reducing waste.

Food items are delivered to the restaurant by wholesalers who ensure proper transport temperatures and handling. The restaurant’s receiver checks the delivered products, and any discrepancies are immediately reported directly to the wholesalers.

Unique Accommodation

Accommodation with wonderful experiences on the southernmost fell in Finland.

Safaris in the fellscape

Come and experience the wonders of Syöte’s unique fellscape; we’ll take care of the arrangements.

Easy to reach

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern border of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports.

We’ll gladly arrange your airport transfer to get to Iso-Syöte – please contact gerralda@isosyote.fi for more information!
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