Kota Hanhilampi

Kota Hanhilampi

A lappish kota, far out in the forest, is a perfect setting for a special diner evening.


Diner made from fresh ingredients on open fire.


Located deeply in the forest we can take you there by transfer or even make a safari out of it!


We can even offer you the experience of a real smoke-sauna!
At our wildernesscamp in the forest, near our Lappish kota called “Hanhilampi” a traditional smokesauna can be heated on request for groups.
In wintertime: Candles will light the way to the small lake next to it where you can cool down in a hole in the ice. This is the real Finnish way. And an unforgetable experience!
In summertime you can swim under the brightness of the midnight sun!


(Please note; this smokesauna can only be ordered for groups)


On request also massages can be ordered.
We offer you a whole range of spa treatments and massages.
Only to be reserved locally via the hotel reception.

Wildernesscooking on open fire


n the hillside of Iso Syöte in the middle of the forest, next to a lake is our Lappish Kota “Hanhilampi” situated.


A big open fireplace in the middle of the Kota is the place where the cook will prepare the diner. Watch him and see how creative cooking can be.
Candles light up the room, tables are nicely decorated and benches are covered with reindeerskins.


The smell of the fire and the delicate taste of the food invites you to come in and enjoy diner in this unique setting.


(Above programs are only to be reserved for groups)

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Make your choice and experience a holiday you won´t forget! Welcome!

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