Hotel Iso Syöte is not just a hotel, but a Safari-hotel, a special place for exciting experiences on the southern border of Finnish Lapland.

Weekly Safari Program

A complete weekprogram full of exciting safaris is available.
Check out this video!  This can be YOUR experience too!

Summer and Autumn

Due to its unique location it guarantees all it’s visitors a joyfull holiday experience. Situated on the top of the hill there is in all directions a panoramic view over the surrounding forests, lakes and nature areas. This unspoilt nature is inviting you to explore it, for example by renting a bike or hiking.

Northern Lights

Aurora borealis, often referred as Polar or  Northern lights is a natural light display in the sky seen in the high latitude regions around the Arctic.

Snow Igloo

On top of the Iso Syöte hill a real snow igloo is built. Experience an Arctic overnight.

Take a safari straight from the hotel

All programme services such as snowmobile safaris, reindeer farm visits, huskysafaris, snowshoe hikes, ice fishing trips, wilderness get-togethers and not to forget corporate programmes can be purchased straight from the hotel.

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