Visit by snowmobiles to a reindeer farm at 10.00


Join one of the safaris on our winter-season weekly programme to experience new adventures and enjoy the winter landscape.

Book your safari before 4 pm the day before. All safaris start at Hotel Iso‐Syöte. Welcome!  

Visit by snowmobiles to a reindeer camp at 10.00

A snowmobile safari through snowy forests and over ice covered lakes to a reindeer camp. Visitors will have a chance to ride in a sledge pulled by a reindeer. Hot drinks and pulla are served in the kota while the reindeer herder tells about the reindeer and reindeer herding.

  • Included: Snowmobiles safari, reindeer ride and hot drinks with pulla
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Price: 125 € / person when 2 persons/snowmobile or 165 € / person when 1 person/snowmobile

Snowshoe hiking trip at 14.00

Our trip starts from the hotel after personal instructions how to use the snowshoes. The trip goes through the deep snow covering the hilltop of Iso Syöte. Enjoying the views and the beautiful snow sculptures made by nature. Discovering marks and tracks of animals and birds in the snow. During the break the guide will have hot drink and cookies for you.

  • Included: Snowshoes, hot drink, safari outfit
  • Duration: approx. 2-2,5 hours
  • Price: 40 € / person

Husky safari 12 km and visit to a husky farm by car at 10.30

Transportation to a husky farm where husky dogs are eagerly waiting for visitors. Introduction to team dogs and instructions upon arrival before husky sledge ride. The safari route goes through snowy forests and ice covered lakes surrounding the husky farm. En route stops to switch drivers and to take photos.

  • Included: Transfer, husky safari (approx 12 km) , safari outfit
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours (incl. return transfer)
  • Price: 160 euros/ person when 2 adults / dog team (+ max 1 child) or 200 € / person when 1 person/dog team
  • Note: This safari will/can be carried out on other days of the week as well!

Important to know

  • Bookings must be made at the hotel reception by 4 pm the day before.
  • Prices include VAT // Children under 12: 50% discount.
  • All safaris include a guide, training, equipment and insurance.
  • In the event of an accident, the excess is EUR 900.
  • Taking part in a safari does not require any previous experience.
  • The duration of safaris shown in the programmes may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and participants.
  • We reserve the right to change the schedules.

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Easy to reach

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern borders of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports. We’ll gladly arrange your airport transfer to get to Iso-Syöte!