Snowmobile safari & husky safari 6 km at 10.00


10.00 Snowmobile safari & husky safari 6 km
14.30 Kicksledge glides and rides
20.00 Northern light safari

  • Book your safari before 4 pm the day before. All safaris start at Hotel Iso‐Syöte. Welcome!  

Snowmobile safari & husky safari 6 km at 10.00

Safari starts from Hotel Iso Syöte by snowmobile to the place where the huskies are eagerly waiting for visitors. After introduction to the huskies and instruction you take of with the huskies, strongly pulling your sledge. The safari route goes through snowy forests and ice covered swamps in Syöte area. There are stops to switch drivers and to take pictures.

  • Included: Snowmobile safari, husky safari, safari outfit
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours, approx. 6 km with huskies
  • Price: 175 € / person when 2 adults / dog team (+ max 1 child) or 220 € / person when 1 person/dog team

Kicksledge glides and rides at 14.30

A real Finnish way of moving around when snow covers the paths. Kicksledges are big fun to glide down the hill and ‘kicking’ them upwards again with one leg while the other is standing on one glider to hold the grip. It takes some energy and action from yourself but it gives big snowfun on the Iso Syöte hilltop. Hot juice will be served.

  • Included: Kicksledges, safari outfit, hot drinks
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Price: 50 € / person (1 person per kicksledge)

Northern light safari at 20.00

A nighttime snowmobile safari has a special atmosphere when driving under twinkling stars on the fells and through the snowy forests. We stop to admire the stars in the sky. We’ll have a coffee break by an open campfire. When you are lucky, you might see the Northern Lights!

  • Included: Snowmobile safari, coffee and buns, safari outfit
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Price: 135 € / person when 2 persons/snowmobile or 180 € / person when 1 person/snowmobile

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Easy to reach

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern border of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports.

We’ll gladly arrange your airport transfer to get to Iso-Syöte – please contact gerralda@isosyote.fi for more information!
Check here how to get to Iso-Syöte